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Thanks for your interest in Hadley Creek Outfitters...

We began offering guided whitetail hunts in 1997 on a thousand acres of Pike County Illinois land with one lodge, a small but dedicated staff of part time employees, a dream, and a commitment.

Our dream was simple, to make Hadley Creek the best free range trophy whitetail outfitter period! We dedicated ourselves to a single goal…to provide bow and firearm hunters with realistic opportunities to harvest a whitetail buck of a lifetime. To accomplish that, we made a commitment that was also simple but challenging…to improve the Hadley Creek trophy quality each year. It’s what drove us years ago and it’s behind the farming, land and deer management decisions we make today.

We fully understand that saying it, doing it and then proving it are all different things. Hunting is “hunting” and unless you hunt a high fenced operation, there are no guarantee kills, and we wouldn’t want to be part of the industry if there were. But we have accomplished what we set out to do…we’ve built an outfitting operation that provides a very good opportunity to harvest a trophy buck of a lifetime…an outfitting operation where the trophy quality improves each year…where the average buck killed grosses above 150"… and we’ve taken over 150 bucks that have topped the 170 mark.

And to prove it, we’ve been willing to post the pictures of the deer we kill each season on our website. What that means is if we have an off year, it shows! So check our results on the photo page and see how we’ve done. As far as we know, we’re still the only free range whitetail outfitter that commits to showing our results each and every season.


Stacey Ward, Founder

Thank You...

Again, thanks for your interest. Enjoy your visit, then give us a call and give us a chance to show you why 80% of our clients are either repeats or referrals from previous guests.

Hadley Creek is now stronger than ever. Check out our team on the Hadley Creek Crew page.