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Investments & Land

How do we get all this prime whitetail habitat?

One of the questions we're frequently asked is how we've been able to put the tremendous number of acres of prime Illinois ground into the Hadley Creek operation. You're no doubt aware that prime whitetail hunting land in our area is not inexpensive yet we continue to upgrade in terms of both total acreage and quality year after year.

One of the ways it's accomplished is by partnering with individuals who are interested in the investment opportunity that prime Illinois recreational property and agricultural land represents. Our Hadley Creek livelihood depends on our ability to find, evaluate, improve, and manage land for both farming and deer hunting. We've used that ability to help a good number of people acquire land for both investment and hunting that we customize to their individual goals, desires and needs.

Considering owning quality whitetail land?

If you've ever seriously considered owning quality whitetail hunting land and agricultural land in Illinois, give us a call (217-335-3804) or reach us via the website contact page. By working together we may be able to make your land ownership dream a reality.